Why do I need Lazify?

Lazify boosts your website speed with no bulky code or bloatware. By deferring offscreen images we create a more pleasurable shopping experience for your customers and increase conversion rates.

How do you implement it?

Our software is available through the Shopify App Store. After installing, you are greeting with a list of all your store pages, where you can select images and enable lazy loading. 

How do I check if it worked for me?

You can check by opening up a product page before lazy loading and running developer tools while loading the page. Take note of the requests and load time. After lazy loading open the same page up on an incognito tab and run the same steps. You will notice fewer requests and a reduced loading time.

Alternatively, you can run Google PageSpeed Insights before and after enabling lazy loading to see the "Defer Offscreen Images" suggestion turn green in color which means lazy loading has been successfully applied.

Do you offer support?

Lazify has 24/7 email support dedicated to answering your questions. Someone is always available for questions or comments about the software.

Contact us at admin@sscommerce.ie