Optimize your page and reduce loading times by SECONDS.

Customers HATE slow sites. By deferring offscreen images you instantly speed up your site and improve PageSpeed score which is great for SEO ranking.

Page Speed Savings
7% CR

Instantly faster.

"Site Speed is incredible important to us as a global ecommerce brand. Every millisecond delay could result in a lost sale and Lazify is amazing. Our image heavy pages load up to 1.5 seconds faster because of this app. FIVE STARS!"

Jeann Ring, Owner of Zolta eCommerce

Asynchronous Loading made easy.

Configuring Asynchronous Loading and Deferring offscreen images manually can be a real pain. Good thing we made our app easy to use with a one-click enable button.

  • Increased visitor retention
  • Enhanced conversion rates and KPI's
  • Improved PageSpeed rating
  • Lightning fast load times.
  • Greater customer trust
Lazy Loading Benefit

Why choose Lazify?

The only dedicated Lazy Loading app

We are the ONLY Shopify app solely dedicated to lazy loading. So what does this mean for you? It means we do ONE thing, and we do it great.

Simple Pricing

No fancy plans, no tiered benefits. 1 simple plan. Unlimited use for all. $4.99 per month for as many images as you want.

One click enable

Our app allows you to select your desired product page, select all images and hit the Lazy Load button. Simple as that.

Consistent Customer Support

Got a query? Contact us! We're always here to help. Our Gold Standard support team will strive to assist you to our utmost capabilities.

Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support

“Lazify truly has top class customer support. I have emailed them several times over the last few days and they took the time to send back a detailed response every single time no matter how basic the question. These guys always check in on me to see if they can help further and it's greatly appreciated. Thanks guys”

CRO Manager, CarsStarz Co.

We have the answers to your questions.

Why do I need Lazify?

Lazify boosts your website speed with no bulky code or bloatware. By deferring offscreen images we create a more pleasurable shopping experience for your customers and increase conversion rates.

How do you implement it?

Our software is available through the Shopify App Store. After installing, you are greeted with a list of all your store pages, where you can select images and enable lazy loading. 

How do I check if it worked for me?

You can check by opening up a product page before lazy loading and running developer tools while loading the page. Take note of the requests and load time. After lazy loading open the same page up on an incognito tab and run the same steps. You will notice fewer requests and a reduced loading time.

Do you offer support?

Lazify has 24/7 email support dedicated to answering your questions. Someone is always available for questions or comments about the software.

Boost your conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

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